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If you’d be interested in coming you can find more info on the Teachings page.

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With much love, appreciation, and gratitude to each and every one of you, Rob Hi everyone, Just wanted to let you know about a possible soulmaking sangha gathering with Rob and Catherine in February 2018.Unfortunately, because of his willingness to try experimental treatment protocols – the very reason, given my prognosis, that I chose him as my doctor – my regular oncologist is under investigation by the GMC, and so not able to work at present.This has meant that my scans were postponed a couple of times, and getting treatment for the last little while has been quite difficult.I was unable to receive any chemotherapy last month, and the oncologist I met with yesterday, a very nice man I had not met before, did not want to give me any more.He didn’t comment much on the scan result, but said that prolonging the chemotherapy and the daily injections would cause long-term damage to my bone marrow and intestines, and that this would potentially compromise the possibility of future treatments, should I need them.

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